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jesus fucking christ

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"Good thing, it turned out to be different" Willow asked as she circled the older vampire. “You haven’t changed a bit, Angelus.” Willow came to a stop in front of him. "Haven’t seen you in ages"


"Never said it was good," he countered, watching her. He smirked slightly. "Haven’t missed you a bit, Red."


"Have we met before?"

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"Just when I thought it was gonna be a dull night."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Big Bads: First and Last Lines

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"What? Did you lose your soul or your brain, Angelus? You always used to leave at least one alive, for notoriety if not for the joy of their misery. Do you not even remember that wretched childe of yours? Secondly, The Slayer doesn’t seem to be ancient history to me, on account of you failing to kill her or her family. And what makes you think you’re anything but mine?” She countered, much more taken aback by his latter statement than any other.

She shook her head; “Enough of this silliness. We have a massacre to arrange.”

He rolled his eyes and just waved off her comment. “Who cares? What makes you think I want to have any sort of massacre with you?” He took a few steps forward, peering down at her. His face was a mask, eyes dark. Then came that faint hint of a smirk again. “I would say you were always about the simple things, Darla, but that’s just not true, is it? I’m certainly not pining over the Slayer or you, for that matter. I’ve moved on.”

To illustrate his point, he took several steps back. “You’ve been gone a while, sweetheart. You missed a few chapters. A whole novel. And I don’t feel like playing tutor so you can catch up. I have better things to do.”

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