I think ‘happily married’ is now my new Spangelus tag

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buffy appreciation weekday six: favorite storyline


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Okay im tired and whiny

time for sleep

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Shameless Self Promo

Here is the updated list of all the characters I play. As you can see, I play a few canon BtVS/AtS characters (many on hiatus or semi-hiatus) and a whole buncha OCs. 

Plotting is welcome. One-liners, paras, AU. Askboxes are open and welcome to ideas and random starters.

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I’m sorry, but I really dislike when people reblog my open starters simply because of the gif. Yes, I get it, you like the character, you like the image and you want it on your blog, but this is an RP blog. I post these things and tag them for purposes of getting other RPers to interact with me. When you reblog something without the intention of actually replying to it, it’s considered rude. It’s like butting into the middle of a conversation. Liking the post is fine with me, but it’s the reblogs that really get me. 

Please don’t do it. 

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#baw14: day five: favorite villain or demon 


#baw14: day five: favorite villain or demon 

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Faith rolled her eyes. “Really? That’s the best you got?” She smirked, shifting her stance as she clenched the stake. “I expected more from big, bad Angelus. Such a disappointment you are.”

"Maybe you’re onto something there. You’d know all about disappointments, wouldn’t ya?  Second best. Runner up." He chuckled a bit, looking her over as he trailed off. 

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