I’m interested in doing some threads and plots on here


I’m kind of tired of the same ol’ stuff—Someone showing up, and either they are scared of Angelus and run from him or create some kind of scenario where he falls into the typical bad guy chasing the victim role, or they’re some bad ass person who isn’t intimidated in the least by Angelus (I mean, come on, I know you want your character to be all intimidating and unafraid and shit, but be real about it), or else people are just showing up to piss Angelus off.

I want a decent plot where my character gets his moment to shine. Where there’s characterization and development and a storyline that’s interesting and engaging. 

Get what I’m saying?

If you’re interested, my askbox is open.

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"It is respect coming from me." She said with a shrug of her shoulder. A grin came to her face. "If the fast food is good, then I am in the mood. Otherwise I will work to get my meal." The red head crossed her arms, copying his stance. Her eyes stared into his. There was not one once of fear in hers. Not even respect. 

His shoulder hitched in a nonchalant shrug, near mimicking her action. “If you’re in the mood, better go catch it. Fast around here means fast.” The corner of his mouth turned up in a smirk and without further comment, he turned on his heel and began on his way.

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"Daddy?" Drusilla whispered. "Am I a monster?"



"Absolutely, precious. God damned you for it. Have I taught you nothing?"


Drusilla swooned at his mild praise, giggling manically before gasping with concern; “But Daddy, it’s not afraid of you. It’s gurgling, Daddy! Giggling! How rude! HOW DARE YOU TALK TO DADDY LIKE THAT! I CAN’T ABIDE IT!” 

The baby started crying then, though it was obvious even to the oddity that was Drusilla’s diseased mind that she was afraid of her, not him.

"…Daddy?" She looked up at him with a trembling lip, looking for reassurance. "Why isn’t it begging for your mercy?"

He rolled his eyes, once more marveling at the idiocy of Drusilla’s warped and twisted mind, a reminder that this was his own doing and there was no one to blame for himself. Her torment never ceased to give him satisfaction, but her incessant prattling about nonsense now and again took away from his amusement.

"It’s a baby, Drusilla. And much like you, it lacks the mental capacity to understand most things. Fear, it understands. Mercy? Not quite yet." He stepped closer. "We should teach it both."

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"Yeah? Name ‘em!" She had to take long steps with an occasional skip to keep up but guessed that if she complained he’d just walk faster.

His lips were set in a hard-line that might’ve looked like a smile, had there been any warmth in his gaze. He halted his footfalls. “Do you want to go or not?”

"Daddy?" Drusilla whispered. "Am I a monster?"



"Absolutely, precious. God damned you for it. Have I taught you nothing?"

"Oh…" The invalid vampire whispered miserably. She had so wanted to make him happy. "Yes, Daddy. Sorry, Daddy. I’m a very naughty girl… Time to catch the lamb. Do you think it’ll squeal?"

The question was more to herself and the writhing eels that turned and squirmed in her brain. She scampered off obediently, returning a mere twenty minutes later with a pauper’s baby wrapped in a dirty shawl. It gurgled in Drusilla’s arm. She grinned hopefully up at her sire, her universe, her God.

"Would you like this better, Daddy?"

When she scampered away, he rolled his eyes. His patience wore thin. It was a long night. He was hungry. 

His gaze cast down to the child in Dru’s arms and his mouth curved up in a pleased smirk. “Much better.”

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